Mither Tap

I have the pleasure of having one of my pictures selected by The Bailies of Bennachie for the January page of their 2018 calendar. The Bailies of Bennachie is a voluntary conservation society formed in 1973 under the enthusiastic leadership of Dr Daniel Gordon, the founder senior Bailie.

The objectives of the society are:-

  • To preserve the amenity of the hill and to combat litter and vandalism.
  • To maintain footpaths and right of way.
  • To study rocks, plants and animals found on the hill.
  • To collect and preserve literature, including ballads, legends, poetry prose as well as art and music concerned with the hill and surrounding area: also to encourage new writings on the subject.
  • To encourage and stimulate public interest in and care for the hill.

More information about the Bailies can be found here -

Bennachie Calendar 2018
Bailies of Bennachie 2018 January

Bennachie is an iconic hill situated in the north east of Scotland. It's distinctive shape is easily seen around Aberdeenshire from many miles away. This picture was taken on the summit of Oxen Craig looking east towards Aberdeen on a cold winters day. The Compass Rose is in the foreground with Mither Tap in the distance.