Originally from the Isle of Man but since the early 1990's I have been living in Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland, Nowadays I am based around 10 miles outside the eastern edge of the Cairngorm National Park which makes for easy access to the hills via Ballater, Braemar and Aviemore. When I'm not at work I'm often found away from the crowds hiking in the Cairngorms looking out for ptarmigan or on the north east coast looking out for gannets and guillemots. Failing that I'll be planning trips away to the west coast of Scotland or farther afield whilst listening to The Blue Nile or something of that ilk.

The first camera I owned was a Kodak Instamatic before progressing on to a Praktica MTL-3 and Minolta Dynax 3000i SLR's and also a Bell & Howell Super 8 movie machine. After a time away from snapping I got back into taking pictures as an opportunity to record some of the views when out and about hiking and travelling. I am always eager to travel. I have been fortunate to have visited most of the continents and many of their countries - sixty at the last count - both through work and holidays. There are, of course, still umpteen places that I would still like to visit.

After having an Olympus E-500 four-thirds set up I further ventured into the world of mirrorless cameras with an Olympus EPL-2. Mainly for the practicality and convenience of the small size - being able to fit cameras, lenses et al into my rucksack whilst still being lightweight for ventures above 3000ft - was and still is the priority. For those that are interested I am currently shooting with an Sony A7III with Voigtländer and Sigma lenses and an Olympus OM-D EM-1 MkII with Laowa or Lumix glass.

Over the 2020 lockdown I have also been getting into some astrophotography. Some of my efforts can also be seen here.

I have recently acquired a Mavic 2 Pro drone and though there are pictures taken with my drone interspersed through out the site you can find a dedicated page here..


I have been fortunate to have some of my pictures shown on the BBC Winterwatch and Springwatch television series' as well being featured on other BBC websites. Various national, international wildlife guides and outdoor publications have also featured my pictures.

I had my first "cover" on the 2015 winter edition of the "Dee'n'Do" magazine, a publication based in the north east of Scotland. More recently one of my pictures was used in a two page spread of the October 2016 edition of "The Scots Magazine" - the world’s best-selling Scottish-interest publication - highlighting an article written by the acclaimed writer and journalist Cameron McNeish.

I'd be grateful if you wish to use any of my pictures for any reason that you would PLEASE ask my permission first. You can use the contact form on the right of this page to do so.