Scotland : The Islands

SCOTLAND : THE ISLANDS Scotland has over 790 offshore islands. The most well known of these are undoubtedly in the Hebrides, an archipelago comprising hundreds of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. Divided into the Inner and Outer Hebrides groups, they are home to rugged landscapes, fishing villages and remote Gaelic-speaking communities. St. Kilda is … Read More

Scotland : Harris + The Shiants

SCOTLAND : HARRIS + THE SHIANTS Harris Scottish Gaelic: Na Hearadh is the southern and more mountainous part of Lewis and Harris, the largest island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Although not an island itself, Harris is often referred to as the Isle of Harris with 60% of its population speaking Gaelic. The Shiant Isles Scottish Gaelic: Na h-Eileanan Mòra … Read More

Scotland : Islay + Jura

SCOTLAND : ISLAY + JURA The isle of Islay is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and is probably most well known for its whisky production. Islay is the fifth largest of the islands of Scotland covering some 239 square miles (620 sq. Km) with over 3000 inhabitants. It’s terrain varies from … Read More

Scotland : Land + Coast

SCOTLAND : LAND + COAST Scotland’s landscape is dramatic, varied and often remote. However, most inhabitants live within only a couple of miles of the coast and wherever you are in Scotland, you are never more than 40 miles from the sea. The ten highest peaks in Britain are to be found in Scotland. In the west, … Read More

Scotland : Deer

SCOTLAND : DEER Red Deer are a common sight in the highlands and islands of Scotland. It is the largest terrestrial mammal to be found in Scotland and one of the most impressive sightings. Large single sex groups tend to congregate, only mixing during the rutting season and these large groups may persist for most … Read More

Scotland : Gannets

SCOTLAND : GANNETS The Northern Gannet, Morus bassanus, has 60% of its population found in Scotland. Bass Rock, from which the Latin name derives, in the Firth of Forth has the worlds largest colony whilst Troup Head in Aberdeenshire has the largest mainland colony. St. Kilda in the Atlantic also has a large colony too. … Read More

Scotland : Ptarmigan

SCOTLAND : PTARMIGAN The ptarmigan, Lagopus mutus, is a member of the grouse family and only found on the highest mountains of Scotland. Ptarmigan can cope with the harshest winter weather that the high tops can throw at them. Their colour changes with the seasons ranging from pure white in the middle of winter and moulting … Read More

Scotland : Puffins

SCOTLAND : PUFFINS Puffins are Scotland’s smallest and most distinctive breeding auk species. Returning onshore in the spring they nest underground in burrows before the pufflings’ emerge in the summer. The adults bill appears large and colourful during the breeding season. The colourful outer part of the bill is then shed after the breeding season, … Read More

Scotland : Wildlife

SCOTLAND : WILDLIFE Scotland’s has some of the richest and diverse wildlife in Europe. From red deer in the mountains and glens to otters around the rivers shoreline Scotland has a varied wildlife population that is constantly changing with the seasons.


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