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Welcome aboard. I'm Jim Frost, a keen hiker, traveller and part time taker of pictures. Being out and about in the hills, exploring the world or listening to the sound of the sea is how I spend my spare time away from work.  Please have a look around the site where you can see more of my pictures and find out a bit more about the bloke who took them. I'm on the usual social media channels so feel free to catch up there too - links for these are at the bottom of this page.
Over the years my pictures have been used in international wildlife guides, the British national and local press and also by the BBC Winterwatch and Springwatch series'. Below is a selection of some of my latest and favourite pictures that I have taken to give you an idea of what else you might find inside - hopefully something a little bit different to the norm.

I've recently returned from a couple of weeks in Namibia exploring the Skeleton Coast and the great sand dunes of Sossusvlei by hot air balloon. More pictures can be found HERE